AIRCORE™ SHIELD is a shock absorbing material that is made of ultra-low intensity mortar with a net-structured cushion. AIRCORE™ SHIELD is developed by C-Eng Japan with a registered patent in manufacturing method and manufacturing device. It is only exclusive to C-Eng Japan. The high schock absorbance properties REST ASSURED road drivers that they can drive safely on the road with ease.

Everyday, a significant amount of people die, are injured or are disabled due to accidents on the roads.

This is a call for concern for all of us. AIRCORE™ believes that we can contribute in making this a safer society for all by reducing road accident fatalities and injuries through human innovation, risk prevention measures and design.

AIRCORE™ SHIELD is a ground-breaking Japan innovation with over 15 years of testing. The product is patented designed with ultra low intensity mortar and netstructured cushion that acts as a shock absorber when hit by a strong impact. The material is also sturdily resistant to fire, climatic temperature change and UV sun rays. The product can also be easily installed and maintained and doesn’t required any custom installation if the guard rail has a strut. The product is not easily displaced when faced with nature calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes.

In addition, AIRCORE™ SHIELD is evaluated and awarded with the highest safety grade of AAA with USA safety standard NCHRP350*. The result indicated the probability to sustain a head and chest injuries during a car crash is extremely low. There are over 1200 AIRCORE™ SHIELD products placed at locations such as, highway bifurcation, surface street bifurcations, highway emergency parking areas and bridge bifurcations in Japan to help provide that added safety and security assurance to all road users.

* NCHRP350 Crash Test Specification

  • Weight of the vehicle in collision : 1T

  • Crash Speed : 100km/h

  • Floor G : 15.9G

  • HIC Value : 100

  • Chest G : 31.0G

  • Evaluation : AAA